Who is "Gitele" of Hrubieszow?

"The best thing is to disguise yourself as a Jew", Praine one said, when he got cross with the Jews, or when he expressed satisfaction at their annihilation and told funny stories at their expense.

Zoshke, on his part, told the story of a young blonde, who used to sell old clothing on the Prag market, advertising her wares in a loud voice thus: "Buy Jewish remnant, buy; perchance it will be somebody's luck to find a treasure sewn in somewhere.

Probably she would have got away with these nasty remarks, had it not been for another woman hawker who recognized her and called out to her in loud voice: "Gitele, did you have to come all the way from Hrubieszow in order to cheat our Warsaw brethren?"

And turning to the assembled crowd, she cried: "Brothers, she is a Jewess!"

She was instantly surrounded by "the catchers", and despite her vociferous protestations, crossing herself devoutly, swearing by Jesus that she was pure Pole, nobody believed her and she was led away to the Gestapo.

"How can you be sure that she was a Jewess?" I asked Zoshke.

"You could tell by the fact that she left her wares on the ground and was no longer concerned as to what would happen to them. One of ours would have picked them up and stuck to them, so that nobody else took them. The Jewess, on the other hand, thought at that moment only how she could save her skin".