In Maidanek

Maidanek which is located at entrance of Lublin, the delegation, deeply stripped and in silence, honored the memory of the holocaust victims. We visited in the sheds, in which the multi-level cots were still standing. We saw the heaps of children's shoes, women's shoes, boxes with mountains of hair, artificial teeth, etc. we arrived at the crematorium, there we saw the pits into which the dead-bodies were thrown.

We also saw the closed iron chimneys, and the central chimney. We arrived at the mourning ceremony with broken hearts. The chairman Mordechai Horowitz opened the ceremony and told us about the deeply saddening experience which he went through in 1947, when he visited in Maidanek after the war.

Our town member, Shaul Aizen, who participated in the liberation of Lublin as a second lieutenant in the Polish unit of the Red Army, told us, that he was one of the first people who saved the survivors of the camp. They broke into the camp and chased after the SS, and finally succeeded to nail 5 commanders. Shaul Aizen kept telling about his activity in the Polish army, which brought him to Hrubieszow. He had found out about the location of the death-pits of the members of the town, who were buried alive and had their remains buried in "Kever Israel". The delegates laid flowers on the graves and lighted "Neshama candles".