Prof. Viktor Zin

Distinguished guests
The ancient time has imparted two extreme thoughts. On one hand we find the law of Hamorabi, which strengthens hatred: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. On the other hand, we find Mount Sinai, Moses and the Ten Commandments. We call them the law of nature; we place them in a higher level like every human-law. In a mission of the Pope, on his last visit to Poland he stressed the necessity of preserving the divine book of law, the law of nature- the Ten Commandments.
We cannot express the depth of feeling of those who came here today from different parts of the world, to attend this special event, the inauguration of the monument, a symbol of holiness.
We have our cemetery, where we can go and say: Here lies my great-grandfather, grandfather, and father.
They don’t have that.
To them this is the most important symbol and here I am trying to get into their psychological state of mind that dominates them throughout all generations.
They are on the very spot where their dearest died.
As a historian of architecture and historian of art, I wish
to bring up especially to you, citizens of Hrubieszow, two specific points.
Firstly I wish to thank warmly the architect Abraham Silberstein, for bringing my modest concept to this place. Hrubieszow has received a mosaic of tombstones, recovered from under the ground and out of the pavements.
Here we consecrate for posterity historical items of this town that belonged to the 17th century. The motifs and designs on the recovered tombstones are unique and they match the 17th century.
No other architectural signs of this historical importance exist in Hrubiezsow. I wish to draw your attention to the overall picture that you see here, it forms a unity, which was created in a most masterly way by Avraham Silberstein. The mosaic and layout is done with the highest mastery and talent.
And I. I only made a little design, a concept to honor this place for them and for us. Thank you.