Sacred Testament

My father, a youngster from Salonika, Greece, has a blue number tattooed on his left hand. To be a son or daughter of holocaust survivor means to accept upon oneself a sacred testament, which you can never fulfill. This testament, which we, the second and third generation of holocaust survivors, have accepted - is a sacred one, in my opinion, as an educator of the young, I have the privilege of passing on this legacy and to try in the best of my ability, to fulfill the call to "remember and to forget".

During my tenure at Hankin School, I taught the holocaust and heroism to grades seven and eight. This is a subject which has been stressed since the Hrubieszow community was adopted by the school. Each year, I try to teach the subject in a different and special way, I try to ensure that the lesson is difficult to comprehend this subject.. I hope that I have in my own small way, brought the younger generation closer to this sacred subject, so that they too will be able to pass on the testament to their offspring, when the time comes.

In our times, when hatred toward different groups continues to exit around the world, because their leaders have deemed certain people unworthy of belonging to the human race, it is your duty and the duty of Israeli educators to remember and to remind our students that every person on earth has a mission to defeat the racism and there is no price too high to protect our future and dignity. 
"…who hath commandenth our forefathers to tell their sons, in order they know until the last generation - sons will born, will stand up and will tell their sons" (Psalms 78/5-6).