The Hrubieszow Martyrs Fund

When we recite the "Yizokr" memorial prayer and turn with our entreaty to the almighty, we continue: "…because, without making a vow, I shall donate to charity". Our obligation to make a contribution on our part is expressed thereby. It is made clear that no one has the right to voice requests, unless he, on his part, is willing to contribute actively. And indeed, the personal engagement, the personal contribution, is of paramount importance in Jewish tradition.

It is possible that on the basis of this cardinal principle of contributing one's share, the procedures of mutual help were developed among the Jewish people. We believe that the wholehearted willingness of the former residents of our town Hrubieszow to contribute to the "Hrubieszow Martyrs Fund" links up with this tradition.

Among the first to contribute to the Hrubieszow Martyrs Fund, were Yehezkel and Dvora Drucker of New-York, whose generous bestwomen provided the financial basis for the fund. A generous response came forth also from the Putzer Brothers in Munich and from other former members of our community.
Worthy of mention here is Mrs. Rachel Zimmerman, the widow of the first secretary of our association, who in her will bequeathed 25 percent of her property and of the house in which she lives, to the Hrubieszow Martyrs Fund. This was the way she chose to perpetuate the memory of her husband Avraham Zimmerman, who was a remarkable man, distinguished by sympathy with and consideration for all fellow-beings and particular for the former resident of our town.

We have good reason to be proud of the people of our town, who are ready always to answer and call for help and who unfailingly attend the memorial services held y us. This proves how deeply the feeling of our togetherness, of our solidarity, is implanted in their hearts.