The memorial ceremony in Auschwitz

The delegation has finished its tour in the horrible Auschwitz camp, in the "Jewish Block" - the most dread block in the holocaust center where the memorial ceremonies took place.  The place is crowded and too narrow to facilitate the large delegation. The candles was smell and the extreme heat affects the visitors and gives you the feeling of suffocation.
Through the walls break the voices of prayer, wails and "Tehilim" recitals in different languages. The memorial ceremony of the delegation was very impressive and powerful, it consisted not only of the lightning of the memorial candles to memorize the six millions Jews who were murdered during the holocaust, but also gave meaning to the past and present of the gathered people, with their unforgotten experiences in the holocaust, their suffering, their uprising and fighting against the Nazis.
Following are the names of those who lighted the candles:
First candle Merela Blender, who survived Auschwitz, she a prisoner at the camp, and had even recognized her wooden bunk.
Second candle dedicated to the memory of the "death march" in Hrubieszow-Helm, by Zvi Goldberg, who participated in it.
Third candle was dedicated to the "Partisans", who fought in the forest - by Yehuda Tenenboim.
The fourth candle was lighted for the memory of the Jews who fought in the Red Army and in the Polish Army, by Zeev Cohen and Shaul Aizen (both recipients of "Heroism medals").
The fifth candle was dedicated to the memory of the mothers and their children who lost their lives on the roads, from hunger and cold and illness. The candle was lighted by Yentlele Kam and Yocheved Goldberg.

The sixth candle was dedicated in honor of those who fought to defend the country and those who volunteered in the British Army during the Second World War, mainly the "Jewish Brigade" and for those who parachuted into the heart of the enemy lines, to reach the Eastern European countries. The ceremony was concluded by cantor Efraim Shperor, a member of the delegation who came from Kriliv, the neighboring town, who recited "Kadish" and "El Male Rahamim" prayer. An additional memorial ceremony took place in Birkenaw camp.

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