The Warm Heart

Our gratitude to those who donated and helped us to complete the plan of erecting the monument of gathered tombstones in Hrubieszow...
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1997 is a year to remember as a year of activity of our Organization. We managed to erect the monument in Hrubieszow. A year to remember with pride, due to the cordiality and wisdom of our members.
Our gratitude to those who donated and helped us to complete the plan of erecting the monument of gathered tombstones in Hrubieszow, constructed by our town mate Avraham Silberstein.
Thanks to the Orenstein family;
On every occasion when we visit the luxurious home for the aged, built in Kiryat Uno, our hearts fill with pride. Henry Orenstein, one of our townmates, completed this public project in memory of his parents, who perished during the Holocaust in Europe.
There is no doubt, that his warm heart made possible the building of this blessed home. Thanks to Henry and Susie Orenstein for their inspiration and encouragement. When they heard about Avraham Silberstein’s plan to erect this important monument in Hrubieszow to preserve the memory of the Jewish generations for 500 years, they decided immediately to raise a significant contribution to support the completion of this project.
Thanks to the Pucer family;
Among the outstanding donors, we count the Pucer family. Thanks to Cila and Herschel Pucer and the sisters Rosa and
Rita, and their late brother Pessach. They are well known donors to the activities of our Organization in the past and at the present.
This family has hearkened to many requests of several foundations, both in Israel and abroad. We are proud of this on-going link between the Pucer family and the organization of former Jewish inhabitants from Hrubieszow in Israel. “Ko Lehay” and many years of activities.
Thanks are due the Hoffman family-of Texas and Canada
for their donations to the monument, and for the effort they made to send 9 family members to the dedication ceremony in Hrubieszow. Thanks are also due to the Hoffman family of Texas for their donation which will cover maintenance of the cemetery in Hrubieszow and programs in the local high school. They will provide this support for three years, after which time another family or group will follow their example and will take on this task. The organization deeply appreciates the Hoffman family’s warm support and dedication to preserving the memory of the Holocaust.
Thanks to Dr. Yoram Almogi;
Among the first to contribute was Yoram Almogi, who wisely acknowledged the necessity to help and support this project. With no hesitation, he made a generous contribution for this goal, encouraging us and setting an example of commemoration of the Holocaust.
Dr. Yoram Almogi, born in Haifa, second generation to the Holocaust, first-born son to our friend the late Yosef Almogi, who filled several cabinet posts in Ben-Gurion’s government.
Yosef was among the first pioneers who made aliya from our town to Eretz-Yisrael in 1931, a reason for us to be proud.
Thanks to the Wajs family;
To Jacobo Wajs from Argentine and his daughter Diana Siak and her husband Tal from Israel, on their important contribution and encouragement to the activities of our organization. Jacobo Wajs and his wife Riwka, were very active among our members. Thanks and appreciation to you and to your family for your donation supporting us to preserve the remembrance of the victims.
Finally to Mr. Kazimierz Lukiewicz, who was involved in fulfilling our plans for the commemoration projects for Hrubieszow' Jews.
We send our regards and appreciation to many donors in Canada, Dr. Ann and prof. J. Hamerling, U.S.A., Mrs. Johan Sandler and daughter Careen, U.S.A., Australia, Europe, Israel and many other countries. Due to lack of space we could not list all their names. Owing to their warm hearts and willingness, they found an interest in this project and contributed to the best of their ability. To all of you, may you be blessed on your glorious deeds of inspiration and for the example you set to the coming generations.